Saturday, August 14, 2010

Indiana Vest take 2

The vest was a success and my son even took it to school for show and tell! He tells me that it's not a cowboy vest in reverse though, it is a Woody from Toy Story vest!

So yesterday I managed to make another vest for my youngest son, and I can't believe that I started and finished it in one day!! I changed the cuddlefleece to flannelette cowprint instead which made it a lot easier to sew. Now both boys want an Indy bag, so that is the next sewing project for me to whip up. I have never made a bag in my life so here's hoping I can make something up that will look half decent!

Here is a pic of the 2nd vest and my kids playing in their vests this morning, I thought the 2nd vest was going to turn out a bit bigger but it's a great fit on my little man. My guess is that it's about a size 3. They both worn them for most of the day today, even out to the shopping centre!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Reversible play vest

It's coming up to my eldest son's 6th birthday and I thought I could make him an "Indiana Jones" dress up vest. Now I have never sewn much in the way of clothing - a dress in high school and an apron for each of my boys and that's about it! So I thought this would be a good challenge but also not too over the top and difficult. I didn't have a pattern so I just made one up, it is about a size 6.

I purchased some brown corduroy to make the vest out of, but then I had a thought that I could make a reversible vest, one side being cord for "Indiana" and the other side being a cow print for a "Cow Boy" vest, as I had some cow print cuddlefleece already. I used snaps for the closure at the front and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. My son has already seen it partly finished and he has been pretty impressed so far so that's a good sign! I finished it tonight after he went to bed so he will be excited in the morning, an early b'day pressie for him how lucky!. He has told me that I will need to make him Indiana's bag to go with it though, so will wait and see what happens. I picked up a brown hat in a toy store last week so I will give him that to go with the vest but he can wait till his actual b'day for that one!

Now I will just have to make another one for my youngest son!