Friday, January 8, 2010

The Sandpit Project.

The Sandpit Project is almost complete :)

After contemplating the idea for quite some time, for Christmas 2008 we decided that it would be a great idea to build our boys a sandpit. As with any DIY project, time become a contributing factor in getting things done! Construction didn't start until almost a year later, but two trailer loads of sand were finally dumped into the pit just in time for Christmas 2009. With a few final touches to go, it is almost complete. A large blackboard lines one side of the wall, and a bright blue wall on the other which we are hoping to get some outdoor artwork for, though not sure what yet. Maybe some funky wrought iron pieces or paintings or we might get the kids to do some canvas paintings themselves. I love the handpainted designs at Colour Rush but they are not quite large enough for our space even if we had 3 of them.

Construction started..

Sand going in...

Evidence of playtime fun...

Now with the walls painted.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Today should've been the day.

Today should have been my due date. Today should've bee the day that we welcomed our third child into the world. Today should've been the day that my boys were cuddling their baby brother or sister. Today should've been different. It wasn't meant to be. Who's darned idea were these missed miscarriages anyway? Cause it sure as hell wasn't mine. Life goes on. I cherish my boys everyday. I embrace their smile, their love, their laughs. Their tantrums still bug me though! I spent some time to myself today, I went and got my hair cut and then walked around the supermarket just to kill time. The day is nearly over, only 2mins to go. I look forward to tomorrow. It is now tomorrow, a new day. Love, Laugh, Cherish, Hope.

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 is here! Happy New Year!

I hope that you all enjoyed a wonderful Christmas season and saw in the New Year in style! We celebrated Christmas with our lovely families and saw the New Year in with some awesome friends and bucket loads of rain! We also celebrated our youngest son's 2nd birthday a couple of weeks ago which included a trip to the zoo.

I love this pic of our son and his cousin, they are looking through the glass of the enclosure to spot the Meerkats.

This is the cake we had at the zoo, a "bear" to tie in with going to the zoo.

And the cake for his actual birthday at home. I made both cakes, once with vanilla cake mix and the other with butter cake mix, yummo!

For my Christmas craft, I ended up making two Christmas trees, in time for the celebrations. I purchased the fabric from my local spotlight. The bases of the trees are filled with rice to help keep them stable and I also used a cardboard roll from a cling film box for the tree trunk for extra stability (cut it in half and used half in each tree). The stars on the top of each tree were purchased from a lovely local wooden toy shop called Great Western Wooden Toys. My youngest son (2yo) claimed one as his and the other one was used as part of the table centre piece for our Christmas day lunch. I was going to sew on some small beads onto the second tree for decorations but didn't get around to it.

I completed the "Merry Christmas sign" using acrylic paint for the backboard and different Christmas themed scrapping paper for the letters. The materials were from Kaiser Craft, except some of the scrapping paper, and the paint which was from Lincraft.

I also helped my eldest son (5yo) to paint a Santa in a sleigh and a reindeer, which turned out great and took pride of place on top of our tv unit.

Now onto new creations for the New Year!