Friday, January 8, 2010

The Sandpit Project.

The Sandpit Project is almost complete :)

After contemplating the idea for quite some time, for Christmas 2008 we decided that it would be a great idea to build our boys a sandpit. As with any DIY project, time become a contributing factor in getting things done! Construction didn't start until almost a year later, but two trailer loads of sand were finally dumped into the pit just in time for Christmas 2009. With a few final touches to go, it is almost complete. A large blackboard lines one side of the wall, and a bright blue wall on the other which we are hoping to get some outdoor artwork for, though not sure what yet. Maybe some funky wrought iron pieces or paintings or we might get the kids to do some canvas paintings themselves. I love the handpainted designs at Colour Rush but they are not quite large enough for our space even if we had 3 of them.

Construction started..

Sand going in...

Evidence of playtime fun...

Now with the walls painted.


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