Tuesday, February 2, 2010

1st day of school excitement!!

Yesterday was my eldest son's first day of school. Despite being a bit upset the night before, he woke up wonderfully excited, dressed himself in his uniform straight away and happily entered his classroom without a care in the world. He had a great day, he even came home with his first masterpiece which he drew as soon as he sat down at the table. He is attending a large school, one of the largest in the region with over 600 kids, there are 6 grade prep classes with about 17-18 kids in each prep class, which is great. He has 7 of his friends from kinder in his class, which is great, and he came home telling me he has made some new friends too.

Heading off into the school grounds...

Big cuddle with mummy before entering the classroom.

Hard at work already.

His first masterpiece of school art...


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