Friday, February 26, 2010

Smashed in the face by a cricket bat, ouch!

Well, that was what happened to my son at after school care a couple of days ago! I arrived to find him sitting opposite the door with a bloodied piece of paper towel to his mouth. OMG I thought, trying to hide any negative reaction from him. He looked miserable enough already, I didn't need to make it any worse. It was an accident. I really felt sorry for his friend who happened to be the one yielding the bat, but hey accidents happen (friend had already gone home by the time I arrived) and no doubt my munchkin will be much more aware of where he is when a game of cricket is happening, at least far away from whoever has the bat! No broken nose, no browken jaw, and no teeth knocked out thank goodness. Just a big fat lip, a few small cuts and some lovely bruising. Phew! Panadol, jelly and ice cream seemed to help :)

The pic below was taken after we got home, it shows how miserable he was, but you can't really see the swelling or bruising, but I just loved how the sun was shining through the window on him.

So now it's my younger sons turn to lap up the attention. He ran a high temp all last night and is sick today, sleeping right now, dr's visit this arvo. Oh the excitement of parenting!

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