Friday, March 12, 2010

Canvas Outdoor Art

I have finally finished the outdoor art panels for our children's sandpit area.

My lovely husband and his friend made some wooden frames for me, three 1000mm x 500mm rectangle frames and three 500mm x 500mm square frames. The rectangle frames are for the sandpit wall and the square ones are for... I am not sure yet!

I covered each frame in some patterned canvas which I purchased from spotlight. I used a staple gun to hold it in place on the back of the frame. The fabric has been pulled really tight (well as tight as I can get it) so that it is firm across the frame, and then I sprayed the panels with some waterproof solution so that they will have a greater lifespan outdoors in the elements. They are currently in my garage drying. Next step is to hang them up on the sandpit wall that we painted blue, but I will wait till my hubby is able to help me and that wont be for a few weeks. So hopefully during the Easter school holidays the sandpit project will finally be FULLY complete!


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