Sunday, July 4, 2010

Modern Cloth Nappies I have made!

Finally I have finished two Modern Cloth Nappies!! I made this pattern a couple of years ago after a lot of trial and error. I had made a few nappies back then but stopped for various reasons and now that we are expecting our 3rd bub I decided I better get cracking back into it (which is what I was referring to in an earlier post about life throwing a curve ball!!).

When I pulled out my sewing machine I found that parts of the cotton reel holder had disintegrated from age, but I was lucky enough to be able to get the parts from the local sewing machine store for only $10 and fix it myself! I borrowed my mum's overlocker and it seems that died on me yesterday so I am starting to think I am jinxed... hopefully it wont cost too much to repair.

Here are the two nappies I made:

The first nappy is a black/grey/red tartan fleece print, with hidden lay of PUL and an inner stay dry layer of red suedecloth. I used snaps for the closure on this one, and also for the booster to snap to the nappy shell. I have made two boosters. The first one has snaps on the back to attach to the nappy and also a stay dry layer of matching tartan fleece. The second booster is a bit narrower and can sit folded in half inside the other booster, or underneath it. Both boosters are made with 2 layers of black bamboo fleece. My 2.5yo modelled this nappy for me :)

The second nappy is made from a cotton print PUL and has an inner stay dry layer of purple suedecloth. I used hook & loop for the closure on this one, though I think I much prefer the snaps. I think I might also round the corners of the hook instead of having them square. This nappy also has a set of two boosters made with 2 layers of natural coloured bamboo fleece, one which can be attached to the nappy shell with snaps and is topped with suedecloth liner.


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