Saturday, September 11, 2010

6th Birthday Party!

Our eldest son is turning 6yo during the week and today was his grand birthday party at a local Gymnastics Centre. He had a joint birthday party with one of his school friends who is also turning 6yo during the week, so there was a birthday girl and a birthday boy in the spotlight! The party was for 2hrs, the first hour was of fun on all of the different gym equipment, then a half hour break for food, then the last half hour on the BIG trampoline! We had to cater ourselves but as it was in the late afternoon we kept it very simple with fairy bread, chips, pre ordered pizza delivery for dinner, frog in a pond and birthday cake! All the kids had an awesome time and it's definitely a place I could recommend for a party!

Both birthday children were having their own special cake for the party. Our son had initially asked if I could make him a birthday cake of a rectangle with his toy dinosaurs on top, which then became a more elaborate request to include a volcano! I was very happy with the end result and most importantly our son loved it.

To make his birthday cake, I made two vanilla cakes, one in a square cake tin, which I used as the base of the cake. The second cake I baked in a Pyrex mixing bowl so I could get some height and slope for the volcano. I cut the second cake into the shape for the volcano and then placed that on top of the square cake toward the back, scooping out a little off the top of the volcano. Chocolate icing with rice bubbles mixed through gave the texture for the volcanic mountain. The lava was created from red & orange sparkling cake decorating gel purchased from Spotlight. I iced the remainder of the cake, as well as most of the exposed cake board with green icing for grass. I left a small area for the lake, which was made of blue icing surround be chocolate rocks that I purchased from the Nut Shack. I placed 3 Schleich dinosaurs on the cake, and sprinkled some more chocolate rocks on the cake at the base of the volcano. I randomly placed tress and small plastic dinosaurs on the green icing on the cake board, as well as more chocolate rocks and some crushed up Cadbury Flake. The writing was done using the same sparkling red gel that I used for the lava. There was just enough room for 6 candles at the front right of the cake, in front of the Triceratops, and I also stuck some sparklers into the centre of the volcano for further effect!


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