Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Time Capsule

Buried deep in the ground was a large barrel filled with treasure. You couldn't get the barrel out as it was cemented into the ground! Who's could it be? What was the treasure? The lid became exposed, but could it be opened?

It all started 20 years ago. It was the year 1990. I don't recall who's idea it was, possibly my grandparents? My siblings, my parents, my cousins, my aunts, my uncles, my grandparents, and a couple of family friends all got together for the occasion.

The occasion was to start a family time capsule.

Everyone put something treasured in, whatever they wanted to as long as it fit in! Letters, wine, photos, coins, stamps, newspapers, predictions, anything! It was sealed up and buried in a backyard where only those that were in attendance new the location of the treasure. It was agreed that in 10yrs time we would all get together again for the opening. In the year 2000 we did just that and decided again that we would bury a new lot of treasure to open in the year 2010.

So on the weekend that is just what happened. My siblings, my parents, my cousins, my aunts, my uncles and my grandparents, all got together for the time capsule opening again. This time there were even more faces, with partners that have come into the family since the last opening, and not to mention the next generation of children!

It was funny watching everyone's faces, not everyone remembered what they had put in there 10 years ago so there were lots of surprises all round!

Everyone brought something they valued, all to be placed in the time capsule and sealed for another 10 years. Will we remember what we placed in there this time? We will find out in another 10 years!!


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