Friday, October 29, 2010

Babies Nappy Stash Finished!!

With just over a week till my due date, I have finally finished off the newborn and small nappy stash for this bubba!

This is the newborn stash - 16 x fitted nappies, plus 1 x AI2. They are tiny, so I am sure they will only last a few weeks!

Newborn covers. I am not 100% happy with them as I am not too great at sewing FOE but they will do. They look great from a distance but the zig zag stitching is a bit dodgy close up!

A comparison of a newborn & small AI2. The outer is a gorgeous PUL cotton print from, the inner is lined with suedecloth (both fabrics from Nappies Covered) and it has both a sewn in hidden bamboo booster and a snap in bamboo booster. I love this print and they would have to be my fav nappies so far!

This is the small stash - 21 x fitteds plus 1 x AI2. I made a couple of covers as well but haven't taken a pic yet.

I thought I would try and make a Christmas nappy as I had some red fleece that has been sitting in my cupboard for a while. It's an AI2, has a hidden layer of PUL, an inner of suedecloth, sewing in hidden bamboo booster and a snap in bamboo booster also topped with suedecloth. The Christmas tree on the back of the nappy is an iron on patch from Spotlight, though I have sewn it on to ensure that it stays in place! I was really happy with how this nappy turned out!



  1. Bec your nappies look FANTASTIC, wow you can sew so beautifully :)

  2. Hi Bec, love your Christmas nappy. I am trying to put together a Christmas post featuring Christmas nappies and I'm wondering if you could contribute a photo. I'd love one with your baby wearing it, but if not, then I'll be happy to include the photo from this post. Of course, I'll give you full credit for it and link back to you. Thanks so much

  3. Thanks Tat, I feel special that someone else wants to include one of my nappies on their blog thanks :) You also reminded me to do a new post with my little man wearing it! I have just had a look at your blog so will send you an email :)