Sunday, November 14, 2010

Our baby is here!!!

Our 3rd baby boy was born only a few days ago on the 10th Nov. He was 3 days overdue and after being induced he was born after a speedy 46min labour! He is of course absolutely gorgeous, very much like our eldest two boys.

This is one of my fav pics taken when he was only a few minutes old.

Our two oldest boys having their first kisses and cuddles with their baby brother. Adorable.

This is another of my fav pics so far :)

AI2 newborn nappy with PUL print fabric from Nappies Covered.

Fitted newborn nappy, outer layer is a very cute teddy bear flannelette print. Then an elephant walk PUL cover over the fitted nappy.

I am pretty pleased that the newborn nappies I made for him actually do fit, and fit well :)



  1. Bec he is just divine. Congratulations on a healthy bub. The nappies are gorgeous too.