Thursday, June 16, 2011

Newborn nappy stash order completed!

With only a few days to spare, I finally finished the order for my gorgeous friend Kristy! Awaiting to cover her newborn's bott is a stash of funky coloured fitted nappies and covers.
As Kristy is eagerly awaiting the birth of her baby to find out the gender, she selected some fun solid coloured flannelette fabric from Spotlight. I added in some gender neutral jungle print flannelette, also from Spotlight. The inner layer of the nappies are made from scrumptiously soft vanilla suedecloth fabric from one of my favourite nappy fabric stores, which I have mentioned before, Nappies Covered. As it is winter, a quick dry fitted nappy was required and therefore there is no added sewn in hidden layer of absorbency in these nappies. Instead there is a two layered bamboo snap in booster folded in half and an additional 2 layered bamboo snap in mini booster, providing 6 layers of bamboo plus a layer of flanellete for absorbency. All nappies have been made with snap closure and I used a variety of coloured snaps to complete them.

As every fitted nappy requires a cover, Kristy's stash has just that! Fitted nappies and covers are great for the newborn stage as they are awesome at keeping in all those pooplosions! There are less covers than nappies as the covers can be used several times before needing a wash, unless soiled. The covers have been made from a selection of solid coloured PUL including sage and aqua, and one cover is made from giraffe print cotton PUL fabric. Edging the nappies is super soft fold over elastic (FOE) in either solid colours of purple or white, or patterned with fish or turtle friends. All fabric for the covers was sourced from Nappies Covered.

Kristy newborn stash comprises of 15 fitted nappies and 7 covers.

While I was busy sewing Kristy's stash, I decided to make a gift for another lovely friend of mine, Rach, who is also due to give birth to her 2nd bub any day now! Rach and I have been getting together as sewing buddies lately, it's been lots of fun! I made a newborn fitted nappy with jungle print flannelette and lined with a blue fleece inner for the stay dry layer. To match the jungle print, I made a cover from giraffe print cotton PUL and white FOE. I think these are super cute! Rach has also been busy sewing some newborn nappies from my pattern, and I can't wait to see what she has finished!

Now I wait in anticipation on the news of two babies that are due to enter the world any day now!


  1. Your friends will love these!

  2. These look fantastic. I am planning on sewing NB fitteds for bub #3 (due in Feb next year). These nappies look really good, what pattern did you use because I would love to use the same pattern. Also, what is the inside like? Pocket, snap in booster or sewn in booster??

  3. So sorry, I just read your post again (baby brain) and you explain what the inside of the nappies is and that it is your own pattern. Did you use any other pattern as a base or completely made up by you?

  4. Hi Grace, thank you for your lovely comments. I didn't base the pattern on any other nappy, purely a pattern I designed myself after a lot of trial and error making nappies for my three boys! I made a stash of these for my youngest son, and I sewed into the body of the nappy a two layer bamboo fleece rectangle booster and then also had a two layer snap in mini booster of the same fabric, which folded in half length ways to make 4 layers. For these nappies to make them quick dry, I omitted to sewn in booster and added a mini snap in booster which snapped in under the main booster. Happy to answer any other questions if you have any :)

  5. Thanks for getting back so quickly :) They really are the best looking newborn fitteds I've seen. I am guessing they worked well for your son? I have used cloth for all my kids but at the NB stage just used flats mostly but these are so darn cute and I have so long to wait until this baby arrives I thought I would sew a NB and small stash of fitteds. I do have the darling diapers unlimited pattern and a few others so I might try and see how one of them turns out and see where I go from there.
    Also, I buy my flannel from spotlight, bamboo from snaps and PUL from nappies covered and I was told the bamboo fleece was prewashed but when I had made inserts they shrunk considerably the first time I washed them!! Such a bummer. Do you prewash your bamboo?

  6. Yes I loved them for my son, they were a perfect fit! I had a number of other prefolds, fitteds and AIO's here but never used any of them as these were fabulous and by far my favourite. They are extra small and trim fitting so they are quite snug on, which is what I loved about them as it meant that I didn't have any hassles getting his clothing over the top. They fitted my son for the first 3-4weeks only, which is what I had anticipated, so if you are wanting to make something that will fit for a little bit longer or you anticipate having a bigger baby then you would need a bigger newborn pattern/nappy. My son was average size born at 3.5kg and I put him in the size small when he reached 4.4kg, as the newborn were only just fitting him at this size.

    I have heard many positive reviews of the Darling Diapers pattern but have never seen it so I don't know how it compares in size.

    I hope the prewashed bamboo doesn't shrink because that is what I used for some of the snap in boosters! I have always prewashed the bamboo first, though this is the first time I have bought and used the prewashed one and haven't prewashed it again myself.

    I will be selling some nappies once I have my online store up and running, either on facebook or etsy to start with but I am not at that stage yet. I have a few here that I have already made, you are welcome to purchase one, I can take some photos tomorrow and pop some pics up. The newborn ones are $22.95 and small are $24.95 + postage. It is very rewarding making your own nappies for you own bub!