Monday, March 12, 2012

It's a 4th Birthday Volcano Cake!

Well, I have been a bit preoccupied with life in general and thought it was about time I put up some pics from my middle son's 4th birthday back in December!!

The cake was made in a bit of a rush due to our youngest son being ill, but it turned out great! Khodi asked me to make him a volcano cake with his toy dinosaurs on it. I had made one for our older son previously so had an idea of how I was going to make it but wanted it to be different as well. I baked two cakes - one in a round tin and another in a pyrex bowl. I sandwiched them together with chocolate icing and cut out some of the top of the volcano and filled it with M&M's which Khodi thought was great! I added rice bubbles into the chocolate icing mix for the volcano texture and the sparklers added flair to it while everyone sang Happy Birthday!

Each of my boys also now have their very own cake server/cutter, engraved with their name and date of birth. A special keepsake gift that I hope will last forever, and that they will be able to use at each and everyone of their birthdays!


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