Thursday, April 18, 2013

It's been a while...

It's been a while since I was here blogging about my creations!  I have had a very busy year!  My youngest son broke his leg, had another bout of Kawasaki Disease and had his tonsils & adenoids removed.  My middle son had Scarlet Fever and, thankfully my oldest son has been well, but very busy with his love of kart racing!  I took up running and completed a half marathon raising funds for the Kawasaki Disease Foundation Australia, who do a great job being proactive about raising awareness of KD.

Recently I mashed together some photos of Quinn when he had KD, to demonstrate what he went through and the signs and symptoms.  I also put together some photos of him recovering to show how long it took for him to start looking himself again, as well as a comparison of Kawasaki Disease and Scarlet Fever rashes that two of my children have had.  KD and SF have some similar symptoms and SF is one of the illnesses that was ruled out when the specialists were going through their diagnostic criteria for KD.  I posted these images on a facebook page I am a member of but thought I would share them here as well.


  1. Just read your sons KD story....bless you and that baby! Im at the hospital now and my son also was diagnosed with KD... is your sons heart okay?

  2. Hi Julieta, sorry to hear that you are going through the whole KD trauma with your son too. My son is doing well, his heart is ok but his last check up showed a slight change to his coronary arteries though this is nothing serious and nothing he currently needs treatment for. He goes back for another echo in August and we are keeping our fingers crossed for good news! I hope your son is ok x